Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Dandy - Ratings

Ratings for the Dandy No. 3396 6th January 2007

Cover (Wayne Thompson) 9/10
Jak (Wayne Thompson) 8/10
Handheld Head 2 Head 6/10
Dreadlock Holmes (Steven White) 7/10
Brassneck (Nick Brennan) 9/10
Robot Rampage 6/10
Bananaman (Steve Bright) 8/10
Blinky (Nick Brennan) 8/10
Desperate Dan (Ken Harrison) 8/10
Encylopædia Weirdannica (Nigel Parkinson) 9/10
The Eggs Files 7/10
Class Gags (Jimmy Hansen) 8/10
Class Act (Jimmy Hansen Reprint) 9/10
Ollie Fliptrik's Xtreem Machines 4/10
Ollie Fliptrik (Karl Dixon) 8/10
Cuddles And Dimples (Nigel Parkinson) 9/10
Bananaman Poster (Steve Bright) 8/10

Top 5 Artists
5. Nick Brennan
4. Ken Harrison
3. Steve Bright
2. Jimmy Hansen
1. Nigel Parkinson

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Beano - Ratings

My Ratings for The Beano No. 3362 Jan 6th 2007

Cover (Nigel Parkinson) 8/10
Dennis the Menace (Nigel Parkinson) 8/10
Billy Whizz (Trevor Metcalfe) 8/10
Ratz (Hunt Emerson) 9/10
The Numskulls (Barry Glennard) 7/10
Dennis's Prank Guide 6/10
Robbie Rebel (Ken Harrison) 9/10
Minnie the Minx (Steve Horrocks) 8/10
Stripz (Jimmy Glen) 7/10
Derek the Sheep (Gary Northfield) 10/10
The Bash Street Kids (Dave Sutherland) 10/10
Crazy for Daisy (Nick Brennan) 7/10
Roger the Dodger (Barrie Appleby) 8/10
Gnasher and Gnipper (Barry Glennard) 8/10
Pirates of the Caribeano (Barrie Appleby) 6/10
Bea (Nigel Parkinson) 8/10
Ball Boy (Dave Eastbury) 7/10
Bash Street Kids Singled Out (Tom Paterson) 10/10
Ivy the Terrible (Tony O'Donnell)

My Favourite Artists of this weeks issue from 10 to 1 are

10. Nick Brennan
Barrie Appleby
Dave Eastbury
7. Jimmy Glen
6. Tony O'Donnell
Trevor Metcalfe
4. Nigel Parkinson
3. Dave Sutherland
Steve Horrocks
1. Gary Northfield

I'll get round to doing another Dandy....sometime....hopefully this week.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Welcome back!

yet another makeover has been given to the site, this time involving a YELLBOX! I will try to post more of my drawings in the new year. I'm currently working on a comic strip, APRIL, MAY and JUNE starring April Showers, May Pole and June Goodson, and friend gang the Marchers (John Yuary, Dez Embar and Seb Tembar - Bad names but I'm running out of inspiration...)

Anyway... go look round!