Saturday, July 22, 2006

I like the Dandy. And the Beano. And a whole load of other comics coming up shortly.

My favourite comic is the Dandy. My favourte strip is My Own Genie by Jamie Smart. I also like Nigel Parkinson's Cuddles and Dimples.
Here are my ratings out of 10 for this weeks issue.
Office Hours...7
Agent Dog 2.ZERO...6
Desperate Dan...10
How to draw the Dandy way...6
Noah's Ark...7
Just how superheroic are you?...7
The Zone...7
Do you stink?...5
Ollie Fliptrik...8
Hyde and Shriek...8
My Own Genie...11!
Cuddles and Dimples...10

1 comment:

Menaceman said...

I bought the Dandy the other week out of curiosity. I absolutely loved "My Own Genie". I loved the drawing and the humour. It was the one where she was challenged to a beard battle.
"Aren't beards great?! Look! I can hide myself in mine, whee!"
I was surprised at how short Desperate Dan's strip was. I remember when he used to have the front cover and AT LEAST a two page story. Oh and I prefer the old style "Cuddles and Dimples" but I do love Mr Parkinson's versions of Bea and Dennis in the Beano.